Email marketers know that email is alive and well.

Email marketers know the deal. But these days, we're being thrown into a new world. A world of multichannel, omnichannel, 1:1, 1:Many, lifecycle marketing, customer experiences; but all those things can’t exist without email.

Why? It’s part of our identification as a customer. Your email address and access to it is a security measure, as well as one of the easiest ways to communicate. That’s why it’s not in any danger of disappearing anytime soon. It works across all devices and despite headlines every few years that is dying or dead, it is awake and thriving.

Whether you are an email marketer who is just starting a new email program, or you are breathing life into a 10-year-old one, we have information and experience to help you.

Marketers & Affiliates Welcome

We design Emailsforce specific for small business, marketers, SEO specialists, entrepreneurs and affiliate marketers. Big email marketing companies have limited to allow marketers or affiliates to promote products from other vendors. We see no problem promoting third-party products on the platform as long as it follows data protection standards.

For this and many others reasons, Emailsforce offers its customers and marketing partners the opportunity to use a tool that meets all the needs of a successful email marketing campaign.

If you want to promote third-party products or your own products or services, here you are welcome.