1: What is Emailsforce?

Emailsforce is an email marketing platform where you can run your email campaigns, automate and track analytical data.

2: How do I sign up?

In the top menu click on the Signup button and fill in your details on the registration form. Its free!

3: How much does the service cost?

You can send up to 5k emails/month for free, our cheap plans starting at $26 a month.

4: How does support work?

You can send us a service ticket that we will reply to within 36 hours.

5: What forms of payments are accepted?

Paypal and Stripe

6: What types of plans do you offer?

We have monthly and annual plans. Annual plans offer 2 months free!

7: How can I ask for help?

In top and footer menus you will see a Helpdesk link, click on it and fill in the details of your help request. To instant access to Support click here.

8: How do I use templates?

When you're going to write your emails, choose a theme and fill in the texts of your message. You can also upload your own HTML themes.

9: Do you update the template pack?

Yes, we add new templates to use in your mailings.

10: Do I need an SMTP server to send my emails?

Yes, you can add the free SMTP of your email provider.

11: Can I buy a list of emails on the internet and import on this site?

No! The system has a bounce rate control and if it exceeds the established quota your plan will be disabled. We do not tolerate spam.

12: Can I import my mailing list?

Yes, if you built your own mailing list you can import into the system.

13: How does automation pipeline works?

Through the graphical interface you can manage very easily various types of conditional actions making your campaigns much more effective.

14: Which sending servers are accepted?

SMTP, AmazonSMTP, AmazonAPI, SendgridSMTP, SendgridAPI, MailgunAPI, MailgunSMTP, ElasticEmailAPI, ElasticEmailSMTP, SparkpostAPI, SparkpostSMTP.