About Emailsforce

Emailsforce is an all-in-one platform for managing successful email marketing campaigns, crafted with the latest trend of design & coded with all modern features for your email campaigns. It's a robust & easy to use email marketing tool.

We empower our customers with a high-tech email marketing tool, with always available support and resources available to make your email marketing experience more fun and productive.

Founded in 2021 in Brazil, Emailsforce is an increasingly accessible tool for all email marketing professionals, entrepreneurs and affiliates around the world. That's why we originally created Emailsforce. You can now do emailing with peace in mind. No longer worries about your email provider's quota or cost per email as everything is now in your dashboard.

About the founder

Willian Souza - Founder & CEO" About 20 years ago, I began working in the area of web development. After years of experience in the development area, I started to work with digital marketing products and services in various niches promoting my own products and products from other partners.

The use of email marketing strategies have always been employed and after knowing several email marketing platforms, where I came to the decision to create a more accessible platform, with important features for a successful email marketing campaign and that has an excellent cost benefit for our customers, friends, partners and affiliates.

It was therefore in 2021 we launched Emailforce, an email marketing platform with fundamental features, excellent user interface that makes the software much more practical and easy to use.

Our servers

All our data is hosted on Ionos servers located in Illinois, Chicago. We provide you with an infrastructure that has been one of the safest in the world for years. Performance, availability, security - our IT teams in multiple countries work 24 hours a day for you.

Our values: Objectivity, responsibility, ethics and respect.

Our mission: Being one of the best email marketing platforms on the internet.